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COVID-19 Information for BVI Residents



Click the arrow below for information on how to access medical services during the lockdown

Delivery and Social Services

Click the arrow below for information on access to delivery services, social support and counseling

Making Donations

Click the arrow below for information on donating to those in need

Emergency Contacts

Click the arrow below for a list of important contacts

All of the following information was obtained from Facebook posts made by the respective bodies (Government of the Virgin Islands, BVI Department of Disaster Management (DDM), the Family Support Network (FSN) and the BVI Red Cross). Each section is followed by a link to the original Facebook post for your reference.

Revised Opening Hours (from April 27)


8am to 11am

-CIBC First Caribbean

Seniors and high risk individuals will be given priority from 8am to 8:45am

-First Bank Virgin Islands

-National Bank of the Virgin Islands

-Banco Popular

-Scotia Bank (BVI) Limited

8am to 12:00 noon

-VP Bank (BVI) Limited

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7am to 12pm

Curbside Pick-up and Home deliveries only

For more information, visit


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Mon to Fri 8am to 12 noon

Sat 9am to 12 noon

April 27 (Tortola) and April 28 (Virgin Gorda) will be reserved for serving senior citizens only

Curbside bill payments by cash or cheque will be available for seniors and expectant mothers

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Medical Services

COVID-19 Medical Hotline: 852-7650 (8:30am to 4:30pm)

COVID-19 Information: 468-2274


Getting Prescriptions During the Lockdown

On Tortola:

Prescriptions are to be sent via Whatsapp message to the Dr. D. Orlando Smith Hospital Pharmacy phone at 440-1726 or by email at

Prescriptions should have the patient’s name, phone number and physical address for easy processing and packaging of the medicines.


Medicines will be delivered by the BVI Health Services Authority Drivers, who will be assisted by nurses directly to the patient’s home.


For refill prescriptions, patients can call 852-7556.

On Sister Islands:

Patients on the Sister Islands are to contact their community clinics for service at the following numbers:

Nurse Iris O’neal Medical Centre (Virgin Gorda) 345-2613

North Sound Clinic (Virgin Gorda) 440-1661

Nurse Romalia Smith Clinic (Anegada) 346-9801 or 440-1627

Jost Van Dyke Clinic (Jost Van Dyke) 346-1709

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Vanterpool Pharmacy

Urgent prescription requests can be made via phone or Whatsapp only

Contact numbers:

494-2702, 494-7914, 443-0410, 544-2873, 541-1193

Prescriptions will be filled from 9am to 1pm daily

Please inform them of your delivery arrangements

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Medical Services

Delivery and Social Services

Anyone in need of food supplies can register on the Government of the BVI Food Supply Locator at


BVI Government Food supply hotline: 852-7688

Online Shopping and Delivery Services


(online shopping currently on hold)


OneMart Supermarket

Lists limited to 40 unique items (shopping paused temporarily)


Bobby's Supermarket (free delivery service available)

Call or Whatsapp your shopping list to 344-3874 (Essential items only) along with your name, contact information and address

For more information, call the number above or visit

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Orders can be placed via emails to

Contact number: 494-3630

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Plaza Mini Mart (Baugher's Bay; open for delivery only)

Send shopping lists via Whatsapp

Contact numbers:

Hazem: 546-1925

Ahmad: 344-5000

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The French Deli (delivery service available)

Email orders to: and

Include date of delivery, full name, telephone number, detailed order with approximate quantities in pieces (PC), ounces (OZ), or pounds (LB), and delivery instructions with a detailed screenshot on Google Earth with exact location. 

Individuals interested in having orders shipped to Virgin Gorda on the barge on Wednesday 22 April can indicate this on their orders (residential delivery not provided for VG orders)

Link to original posts: and

Manuel Reef Supermarket (open for deliveries only)

Free delivery on orders $80 and over 

Contact numbers:
Abdo 346-6000
Sherlonie 343-9418

Link to original post:


5 Girls LTD

Orders can be placed online at 

(card payments accepted)

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Nature's Way (delivery service available)

Online orders can be placed at

For more information, call or Whatsapp 344-3783

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Relish Gourmet Food and Wine (home delivery service available)

Orders can be placed by calling Shaila at 346-1894 or emailing

They can also be contacted by calling Josh at Proudly African at 499-8985 or emailing

Link to original post:

Italian Wine Food Caribbean Ltd. (delivery service available)

Send an email to to request a pricelist and arrange an order

Link to original post:

C&D Supermarket, West End (delivery service available)

Whatsapp orders to 443-9933 or 343-5678 along with your name and location

Link to original post:

Caribbean Cellars Ltd. (open for deliveries only)

Place orders online at

All orders must be paid for in full prior to delivery (free delivery)

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TICO Wine & Spirit Merchants

They are supplying retailers as well as doing home deliveries and pickup deliveries from approved services

Orders can be placed online at or by sending an email to or by calling 494-2211 ext. 323 or 329

Clint's Organic Foods

Whatsapp orders to 342-6774 or 344-9114 (specify weight or number of bags per item)

A minimum of $40 per order is required for delivery

Available items: Ginger, turmeric, seasoning pepper, hot pepper, tomatoes, yellow yam, dasheen, tannia, sweet potato, eddoes, green plantain, ripe plantain, green banana, jackfruit, starfruit, passionfruit, sour orange, grindy banana, gramashell banana, fig banana, golden apples, mango keith, kidney mango, ripe papaya, watermelon, pineapple, dry coconuts, cocoa stick, coconut oil & our refreshing coconut water (single and gallons)

On Friday 24 April they will have more fresh produce such as: avocado, ripe banana, breadnut, cucumbers, eggplant, christophin, white yam, pumpkin

Health products:  with castor oil, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, nutmeg oil, eucalyptus oil, hot pepper sauce, molasses, baking soda, must grow oil, must grow cream, tea tree tooth paste & all 100% natural soaps such as: black soap, cucumber, gloricida, avocado, patchouli, cinnamon, sulphur, turmeric, liquid castile soap and much more

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Best Kakes & Pastries (open for deliveries only)

Free delivery for orders over $20

Call 495-0565 or email to place orders

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Offering ONE DAY SERVICE for persons and companies that require fabric, notions and other essential items from our store on WEDNESDAY April 22 ONLY (free delivery for business orders; in-store pickup for single orders)

Call or Whatsapp 440-3006 or 441-7479

Masks are available for purchase in Territorial (red, white and blue print) or Solid (black or royal blue print)

Adult and children's masks cost $10 (masks are not for medical use)

First 100 kids (age 12 and under) get free masks (limit of 2 masks per household)

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Sol Petroleum

$10 of your fuel fill-up is free until April 26 for first responders (terms and conditions apply)

For more information, visit

Delivery of Grocery Orders

Tortola General Services

Orders can be placed by sending shopping lists to the following numbers via Whatsapp:

Road Town Orders: 544-5990

West End Orders: 343-0930

East End Orders: 540-7182

Other areas: 543-4964 

Please indicate the quantity, size and brand of the items being ordered, and include your name, contact number and the location where the items should be delivered.

Payment options: Cash/Credit/Debit card that does not require a PIN

Delivery charges will be added based on the area (Road Town: $5 and elsewhere: $10)

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Eddie's Delivery Services

Offering curbside grocery pickups, in-store grocery shopping, prescriptions and medical pickups

Call, text or Whatsapp pickup requests to 499-6279 and include your name, contact number and detailed instructions for pickups

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Do not call. Send a Whatsapp message indicating your name and request to call you back for an order and you will be contacted. 

540-2707 (Virgin Gorda)

541-7077 (Tortola)

Deliverance BVI

Deliveries from OneMart for a fee of $25.00 anywhere. For more information please contact them on 284-342-7765. Please call the number as soon as your order has been confirmed. Card payments Accepted.

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Water Delivery

BVI Spring Water

Free delivery on orders of $20 or more. All other orders will be subjected to a $5 delivery charge. See prices below:

1 Gallon Case (4) - $7.00
1.5 Liter Case (12) - $10.00
16 oz Case (24) - $10.00
5 Gallon (New) - $30.00
3 Gallon (New) - $20.00
5 Gallon Refill - $5.00
3 Gallon Refill - $3.00

Call 494-1476 or 440-3406

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Social and Delivery Services

Vulnerable households experiencing hardships during the lockdown are urged to contact the Social Development Department to receive special assistance such as meals and other essential services. Persons in need can contact the following numbers:

  • 468-9371

  • 468-9384

  • 440-2338

  • 440-2439

  • 440-2456

  • 440-2457


To purchase critical items through at-home delivery service during the remainder of the 24-hour curfew period, contact the following:


LPG (cooking gas) services: 6am to 12 noon


Supermarkets: 9am to 3pm

  • BAY6 Market (Virgin Gorda) – 545-5555

  • Riteway

  • OneMart


Delivery Services

  • Deliver V.I.

(284)-499-3417 or (284)-444-8646

  • Sean’s Services

(284)-340-2363 or (284)-540-2363 or (284)-499-2365

  • Flex Delivery

(284)-442-3539 or (284)-543-2273

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Family Support Network (FSN)


If you are feeling frustrated or overwhelmed, the FSN can be contacted via the following numbers:

Hotline number: (284)-499-0999


  • (284)-542-2021

  • (284)-543-5193

  • (284)-440-3021

  • (284)-442-5218


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Running Low on Essentials

Families running low on essentials such as food supplies can contact:

  • Social Development Department

468-9371 or 468-9384

  • Family Support Network


  • BVI Red Cross

499-4999 or 544-8108

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Business Support

Deloitte BVI - Free Financial Helpline

If you are experiencing issues or uncertainty around personal or company finances, or you would like to talk through your current options, you can contact them via email at to organise a free consultation for informational purposes. 

Social Services and Support

Making Donations

Donating money to the Family Support Network

To all Donors and prospective Donors please be informed that all donations can be sent to the following:

1. Wire Transfer Information

Wire Transfer instructions if the transfer is coming from a bank that is outside of the U.S.A.

Have the remitting bank send the funds to:

Your US correspondent bank for credit to:

Account Number: 000-740-852

First Bank Puerto Rico
1519 Ponce de Leon Avenue
San Juan
Puerto Rico 00908-0146

ABA: 221 571 473

For further credit to:

Account Name: Family Support Network
Account Number: 7282019392

2. RITEWAY Food Markets

Contact: Mr. Dennis Versoza
Email: or
Phone number:  284-340-5643

Link to original post:

Making Donations through Riteway

To make donations, email:

Name: Dennis Versoza


Social Development – GOVT044

Family Support Network – FAMI001

BVI Red Cross – BVIR001


Link to original post:

Hands Free BVI matches individuals who would like to provide donations or assistance with individuals in need of assistance. Further information and forms are available on their website


Emergency Contacts

COVID-19 Medical Hotline



Clinics on Tortola

East End and Long Look



Capoons Bay

440-1641 or 440-1728


Non-COVID-19 related medical emergencies






Nurse Iris O’neal Medical Centre (Virgin Gorda)



North Sound Clinic (Virgin Gorda)



Nurse Romalia Smith Clinic (Anegada)

346-9801 or 440-1627


Jost Van Dyke Clinic (Jost Van Dyke)



Social Development

Child Protection/Family Support



Elderly Care



Anegada/Virgin Gorda Support



BVI Red Cross

499-4999 or 544-8108


Family Support Network



Psychosocial Support and Supportive Counseling

541-2383 or 541-1559 or 541-1861


Ministry of Health and Social Development


Link to original post:

For medical emergencies on the water (VISAR)



Link to original post:

Other Important Contacts

BVI Electricity

Tortola - 852-4600

Virgin Gorda - 495-5319 or 495-5418

Anegada - 495-8037

Email -

BVI Water and Sewerage

Tortola Main - 468-5766 or 468-5901

Tortola East - 499-0500

Tortola Central - 499-2924

Tortola West - 499-2926

Virgin Gorda - 468-9455

Anegada - 468-9562

Jost Van Dyke - 468-9429


BVI Fishing and Farming Programme

468-9901, 468-6123, 468-6124

BVI Ports Authority


Essential Business/Workers Application



House to House Waste Collection



Gas and Propane Stations

Sol - 543-4198

Delta - 494-3291

Steven's Service Station (Virgin Gorda) - 495-5525

Canines, Cats and Critters

545-5964 (Whatsapp)


Farms on Tortola

Tidal Roots - 343-2876 (Whatsapp)

Mill Round - 344-3376 (Whatsapp)

Plant Wise - 346-8485 (Whatsapp)

Full Belly - 340-9335 (Whatsapp)

Face Masks

Next Wave (Virgin Gorda) - 541-5662


Doyle Sailmakers (Tortola) - 542-1493


Nutmeg & Co (Tortola) - 541-2663


Quantum Sails (Tortola) - 346-2309


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Last updated: 04/26/2020

Making Donations
Emergency Contacts
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